Silver-Gilt for the Pureland Foundation Garden sponsored by Bruno Wang …

The Pureland Foundation Garden designed by Fernando Gonzalez has scooped a coveted Silver-Gilt medal at this year’s outstanding RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

On receiving the award Gonzalez said: “I am very happy that the RHS judges have recognised the work and dedication that went into creating the Pureland Foundation Garden.  It has been a labour of love and to obtain a Silver-Gilt medal is a testament to the dedication of my team.  I would also like to thank our sponsor, Bruno Wang, who, through the the Pureland Foundation made this garden possible.” 

The garden was inspired by the dramatic topography of the Chinese landscape, with its great mountains and river valleys, and the sophisticated concept of nature found in traditional gardens and scroll paintings, where rocks and plantings were intended to evoke a wild landscape. Traditional Chinese gardens were places where art, nature and ideas were integrated perfectly to create a harmonious natural setting for serene contemplation and meditation. They became the focus of an alternative lifestyle that celebrated tranquillity and a strong belief in a sense of unity between nature and human culture. The Pureland Foundation Garden is a contemporary interpretation of the flowing shapes found in such gardens and aims to evoke a sense of wellbeing and positive energy by reconnecting our spirituality with nature.

For Fernando, the garden offers a new and highly visual way of experiencing space by using free flowing lines and multiple viewpoints to create a pictorial space where colour, texture and spatial form blend rhythmically. The result, he hopes, is a scene of untamed beauty, a small wilderness that ebbs and flows like an ancient river.

Mr Bruno Wang, Founder of the Pureland Foundation, was delighted with how the finished garden looked. Upon being told how the Garden had been received by the RHS judges, Mr Wang said: “The Pureland Foundation Garden is an enchanting creation that combines traditional Chinese gardens with state-of-the-art technology, materials and techniques. This fusion of old and new was perfectly realised to create a space of great harmony, peace and contemplation. I am delighted that this extraordinary yet effortless creation, the product of Fernando Gonzalez’s incredible vision and skill, has been recognised by this year’s judges.”