Sacred Music and Sistine Chapel Choir

Pureland Series is pleased to announce the event, “Sacred Music and Sistine Chapel Choir ” on Monday 17th October from 6.30-7.30pm at China Exchange. The audience can expect talk and live performances as well as recent recordings of the choir.

The oldest choir in the world- the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, will be introduced by its first ever British full time member, baritone Mark Spyropoulos.

Sacred music enthusiasts will be enthralled as Mr Spyropoulos reveals the history and ethos of this remarkable institution, which stretches back over a thousand five hundred years.

Mr Spyropoulos will share the history of the Papal Choir, starting from the earliest Popes around the year 300, and including the emergence of Gregorian chant, the return from Avignon, the instalment in the Sistine Chapel and the Golden Age of the Renaissance. He will discuss its modern work as a liturgical choir serving the Pope, and plans for the future.

Mr Spyropoulos will also talk more generally about the role and importance of choral music as a force for healing and spiritual fulfilment, and ultimately a tool through which we may perhaps glimpse something of the divine.

Last year, the Vatican opened its doors for the first ever studio recording inside the Sistine Chapel, resulting in a landmark new album Cantate Domino on Deutsche Grammophon. Sung in Latin, and recorded below the frescoes of Michaelangelo, the sound has been described as “richly resonant, vibrant and real”. The CD reached No 1 on Amazon and the classical music charts. The second CD Missa Papae Marcelli will be launched in Oct 7, 2016.

This event is the second in a new series organised by the Pureland Foundation in collaboration with China Exchange, the forum set up in 2015 by entrepreneur Sir David Tang at 32a Gerrard Street, London, as a platform for cultural debate and the exchange of ideas between the East and the West.

The Pureland Series is a programme designed to enrich lives through creativity, spirituality and self-expression. Audiences can expect workshops, performances, music and masterclasses held and led by extraordinary people with a passion for the Series’ aims.

On Monday 21st November, Joyce DiDonato will be sharing her vision before her concert ” In War and Peace” in London, exploring discord and harmony in times of war in interpretations of Baroque arias.