One of the most exciting music events in Europe, The Oxford Chamber Music Festival (OCMF) is famed for its exhilarating atmosphere and artistry.

Founded by violinist Priya Mitchell in 2000, the OCMF, has been described as “a world-class gathering by any standards reinforcing chamber music’s status as the most sociable musical form there is,” according to Time Out, and “an event of national rather than merely local significance” by The Independent.

Priya started the Oxford Chamber Music Festival in 2000 because she wanted to bring musician friends to Oxford and relishes ‘musical matchmaking. How else was it possible to bring together musicians I was certain would fall in love musically? Oxford is the ideal setting to make this alchemy happen. Festivals make one feel stimulated on every level, inspired and enriched. Most of us here couldn’t be without them – they are irresistible, dangerous and highly addictive!’

Recently, the 2015 Festival celebrated the tenderness, energy and daring of musical Youth, and in 2016 OCMF’s music and spirit resounded with the wisdom of Age – with the summing-up of a lifetime’s experience in magnum opuses.